The band Belmondo is a very active live concert band, as they have raised the number of live shows in every year, since their five years of existence. Their peculiar style is based on humour, gags and bantering, combined with lyrics that set the audience thinking.

Their basic profile is given mainly by own songs, most of them are very well known hits in Hungarian music era, which were combined with video clips as well, although they love to play songs by other artist as well, preferring iconic bands, such as the Beatles. Their first song and official video which was released in 2006, very quickly became one of the most often played song in Hungary. Zoltán Czutor, lead singer of the band was awarded by ARTISJUS „The best lyric writer of the year” in 2011.


  • TV-ben
  • Végre itt a várva várt
  • Hoppá
  • Szabadon
  • Süt rám a nap
  • Kedd van
  • Libidó
  • Rocksztár
  • Minden nő
  • Suck My Kiss
  • Lesz, volt, van
  • Él ilyen
  • Nyugi, megváltozom  
  • Malacfarsang
  • Zöldszemű szörny
  • A test akar ilyet is
  • Maga amatőr
  • Mégis remél
  • Mikor
  • Rájár a rúd
  • Savam van